"Due to arthritis in my lower back, I had improper posture.  I slouched when I walked or stood which caused a lot of pain.  Debby's Energy Healing gave me good posture with the consequence of greatly improving my balance.  I can now walk around Walmart for an hour without using a cart as my walker, knell properly at mass without resting on the pew or stand for a period without leaning on something.   Thanks Debby, now when I walk out of a restaurant with my improved balance I don't feel like a drunk." ~ Ron S.,  Cambridge
"Hi Debby this is Alex, you helped me with my ankle and my neck.  It has been 3 weeks now and I have to say WOW, you are amazing!  I still feel no pain in my neck nor my ankle.  I have a very physical job and it is outside.  The weather was bad last week.   Considering how my ankle and neck felt before you did this.  I am very surprised that I still feel no pain.  This does NOT mean I don't want to see you again.  This means, you are very good at what you do. AMAZING!!!! I want to thank you again for helping me feel better.  Also it has helped me deal with my job better which is making me lose weight , I have lost 9 pounds since I have seen you. You are great.  Thank you again and keep up the good work.  Can't wait to do this again."   ~Alex E.  London

"I was bit by a dog at work.  My arm was so sore I couldn't move it and Debby offered me a Quantum Treatment.  During the treatment I immediately noticed a relief from the pain.  The next day I had full use of my arm and was able to work!"
"Two thumbs to Debby, her treatment sessions have helped me recover from 2 separate hockey injuries. I had my reservations about the validity of quantum touch but I cannot argue with the results. After just one session I could truly feel an immediate improvement to the healing process. Less pain, less swelling and more mobility. I highly recommend this treatment. Great job Debby and many thanks." ~ David K., Cambridge

"I had a pull behind my knee at the top of my calf.  Debby worked her "magic" with her hands lightly on the area.  The pain was relieved and later it was gone."
                                                                                ~ Marcello D., Cambridge
~ Shannon P., Georgetown