We are energy beings and the stresses of everyday life can cause blocks and imbalances which make us ill.  Energy Healing is a natural, safe, and effective treatment that restores energy flow.  It stimulates your body's natural healing abilities to bring itself back to a state of balance.  You heal yourself!

I respect conventional medicine.  However, I am concerned with the culture of medicating the symptom instead of finding its cause.  Doctors don't talk about getting to the bottom of things or a cure; that's not how they are trained, they learn to manage symptoms. 

The mind, body and spirit are directly connected; you cannot effectively treat one without addressing the other.  Holistic medicine treats the body as a whole, rather than just the symptoms or the part of the body that is not healthy.  It is often effective where traditional therapies fail.

As more people recognize the danger of the chemicals we are ingesting and the limitations of traditional therapies, the more popular alternative medicine becomes.

Therapeutic Touch and Quantum Healing therapies are complementary health aids that adjust your energy field to enhance relaxation, ease pain, promote healing and restore mental, emotional, and physical balance. 
A practitioner holds a high vibration (resonance) of energy around the affected area.  Your body naturally matches that vibration (entrainment), allowing it to do whatever healing it deems necessary.  There is little or no contact and treatments are very gentle, yet powerful.  Since they are non-invasive and
won't cause harm or unwanted side effects, making it safe to use along with your current course of therapy.

At all times you will be treated with respect and care, and all sessions are confidential.  Treatments are done fully clothed.

Outcomes are unique to the individual.  During the session the practitioner is guided by your body's response to the energy.  The body has a remarkable ability to heal itself and always strives for balance; therefore, the energy goes where it is needed most. 

Treatments are very relaxing, both physically and mentally.  Clients often feel like they've had a massage. 

After just one session I could truly feel an immediate improvement to the healing process. Less pain, less swelling and more mobility. I highly recommend this treatment. Great job Debby and many thanks. 

We decide together on the frequency or number needed, based on how your body responds to the energy.  Often one session is enough to feel relief.  Chronic conditions generally require more time to heal, as with any therapy.  Clients often come in for a "tune up" even after their condition is no longer causing them discomfort.  Energy healing is a wonderful way to maintain a state of wellbeing.
Everyone.  There are no limits to the conditions Energy Healing can benefit.   Our clients have found relief from:
The wish for healing has
always been half of health.
          Lucius Annacecus Seneca
Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease
David K., Cambridge
Considering how my ankle and neck felt before you did this.  I am very surprised that I still feel no pain.  This does NOT mean I don't want to see you again.  This means, you are very good at what you do. AMAZING!!!! I want to thank you again for helping me feel better.                

Alex E., London
Energy Healing  
A free consultation is included in the first session. 
Half hour- $30