"I recently gave birth to my second daughter and during my pregnancy I started thinking how could I make this birth better than the first. My first birth was an induction that took too many hours to mention, my body going into violent contractions that I couldn't control and in the end I felt unhappy and resentful with how things went. A friend of mine, who was also expecting a few months ahead of me, told me about this book she was reading called HypnoBirthing and how it can help with pain during labour.

Skeptical of course- although very interested I asked to borrow her book. I then thought I'd look up on-line to see if there were any courses offered- as that may be a more solid approach. Thankfully there was and after talking to Debby at Perfectly Natural HypnoBirthing (Who is certified with the HypnoBirthing Institute) I thought it wouldn't hurt to take the course/while reading the book. I was still somewhat unsure of things especially with hypnosis. I didn't really understand it and my preconceptions of it are probably the same as most people. Near the end things started to make sense and come together.

HypnoBirthing is learning how to use meditation, visualizing and self hypnosis to prepare for the birth of your baby. I found using the suggested meditation to be very calming during the ending months of my pregnancy- and my older daughter also enjoyed listening to the meditation before bed (it actually put her to sleep). HypnoBirthing teaches you how to properly breathe during the different stages of birth- none of this was mentioned in the pre-birth course I took at Conestoga College before I had my first child. This was extremely effective during my second birth. Most importantly it teaches you to be calm and confident about your body and that you shouldn't be scared because a woman giving birth is perfectly natural just like any other animal and we shouldn't fill our minds with fear. It doesn't guarantee that you won't have pain but it will be more manageable. Some people as you can view on You Tube have none, I had some but it wasn't even close to my first experience. I was in control of my body and I was also able to breath during my contractions right to the end.

My "surges" started around 4:30pm very mildly and started to be more noticeable around 11 pm. My midwife came to my home and already I was 7cm dilated and 80% effaced. I spent most of this time in my bathtub. I then went downstairs to where we had a birthing tub set up in our living room- it was very comfortable. My husband had our meditation playing and he helped me visualize a place away from where I was (We had practised this many times). Although I wasn't planning on giving birth in the water- that's just how it happened. It was so comfortable in there I didn't really want to get out. I got out once because I wanted my midwife to check and see how far along I was. I was 9 cm and 100% effaced. I literally started pushing as soon as I was in the tub again. Our little girl was born just before 5am. Shortly after I was upstairs resting in bed.

A few days later I was surprised how good I felt. I was happy about my birth experience, my baby was calm, much more than my first one was and my body was recovering quicker than my first experience. Inductions are known to be very hard on the body but I think that having had the knowledge HypnoBirthing has given me helped a lot. I think everyone should take this course and that it's going to change the birthing industry in the future. I'm so glad I had the opportunity to learn it and now I can tell everyone that I had a wonderful birth and so can you!"     Megan Lam, Cambridge

"I liked the nature and relaxed flow of the classes and Debby's passion.  The practical breathing techniques and relaxation scripts Debby reads are super beneficial." *Fred's cookies* J           

After taking this HypnoBirthing class, have your thoughts and expectations changed?
"Yes, more serene and peaceful.  Some of the "unknowns" have been answered and I feel prepared to take on any turn in my birth experience."           Valerie Blake, Drumbo

"Thank you so much for one of the best experiences of my life. I miss your classes already. I'm going to pass your info on. I think your class is one of the best things I have ever done and the most informative and helpful thing I have done for this pregnancy. Everyone should do this!!"           Renee K., Guelph                                                        
"Dear Debby,
I am so glad Kristy recommended your class.  I learned so much I would have otherwise not have thought of at all.  It was a fantastic class with a fantastic teacher!  I may not have gotten my home water birth but my daily relaxation was great.  Maybe the next one will benefit from it! I hope we stay in touch and I will continue to rave about your class to all pregnant women I meet." 
Thanks again
Renee, Chris & Levi

Debby Spitzig:
"I just had to share my own experience.  I always say HypnoBirthing skills can be applied to everyday life and recently I put my money where my mouth is...literally.  Long story short, I have a terrible fear of dentists and needed dental surgery.

I practiced everything I teach in my class.  Calm breathing and replacing thoughts of dread and fear with "everything will go smoothly and easily".  My husband even did light touch massage!

I'm happy to say everything truly did go smoothly and easily. The experience was SO different than what I originally expected.  I often use HypnoBirthing techniques but this was a true test and they worked!

In no way am I comparing having a tooth pulled to labor but it does speak to how your thoughts can change your experience completely and reinforces why we need to be aware of our thoughts and make them positive ones!" 

"I like the flow of the class.  Everything was very positive and it was great to be here.  Great instructor, very positive, very knowledgeable." Elyssa Figueredo, Kitchener